Solid & Mesh Safety Covers


Coverstar and CoverLogix Solid and Mesh Safety Covers are designed to protect the investment you just made and the ones you made it for... your family. Once installed, the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusions by children, pets and unwanted critters and debris. Your Latham Builder can help you every step of the way, from cover design and material choices to a quality installation.

Latham brands offer mesh covers for maximum drainage and solid covers that block 100% of sunlight in a variety of material weights and colors. All can be custom designed to fit any size or shape pool precisely, including any special features such as raised walls, diving boards, stairs and rails.

Safety Cover Options

  • 9000MX™


    9000MX™ Max Shade Mesh*

    • 99% shade, 7.9 oz weight – 25 year warranty9000MX™-Max-Shade-Mesh-safety-pool-cover-option
    • Engineered for maximum protection
    • Allows water through for drainage and safety while keeping sunlight and debris out
    • Available in our Exclusive 9000MX design

    * 9000MX and 7000MS Mesh U.S. Patent No. 6,886,187 – 99% Shade

  • 7000MS™

    Kafko Pool Products 7000MS™ High Shade Mesh safety covers are easy to install and give 99% shade to your pool.

    7000MS™ High Shade Mesh*

    • 99% shade, 7 oz weight – 20 year warranty
    • Easy installation ultra-fine weave mesh
    • Allows water through for drainage and safety
    • Available in green, blue, gray and tan

    * 9000MX and 7000MS Mesh U.S. Patent No. 6,886,187 – 99% Shade

    7000MS-Blue-high-shade-mesh-safety-pool-cover-option 7000MS-Green-high-shade-mesh-safety-pool-cover-option 7000MS-Grey-high-shade-mesh-safety-pool-cover-option 7000MS-Tan-high-shade-mesh-safety-pool-cover-option

  • 5000M™

    Kafko Pool Products 5000M™ Standard Shade Mesh safety covers come with a 15 year warranty and the highest abrasion resistance.

    5000M™ Standard Shade Mesh

    • 4.5 oz weight – 15 year warranty
    • The highest abrasion resistance and tear strength in its class
    • Allows water through for drainage and safety
    • Available in green, blue, gray and tan

    Blue-5000M™-Standard-Shade-Mesh-safety-pool-cover Green-5000M™-Standard-Shade-Mesh-safety-pool-cover Grey-5000M™-Standard-Shade-Mesh-safety-pool-cover Tan-5000M™-Standard-Shade-Mesh-safety-pool-cover

  • 1000V™

    Kafko Pool Products 1000V™ Heavy Duty Solid Vinyl safety covers offer 100% sunblock and come with a 15 year warranty.

    1000V™ Heavy Duty Solid Vinyl

    • 100% sunblock, 12 oz weight –15 year warranty
    • Keeps out all debris and sunlight
    • Manufactured with single springs only
    • Available in green, blue, gray and tan

    Blue-1000V™-Heavy-Duty-Solid-Vinyl-safety-pool-cover Gray-1000V™-Heavy-Duty-Solid-Vinyl-safety-pool-cover Green-1000V™-Heavy-Duty-Solid-Vinyl-safety-pool-cover Tan-1000V™-Heavy-Duty-Solid-Vinyl-safety-pool-cover

  • 500P™

    Kafko Pool Products 500P™ Lite Duty Solid Vinyl safety covers are easy to handle and offer 100% sunblock.

    500P™ Lite Duty Solid Vinyl

    • 100% sunblock, 7 oz weight –15 year warranty
    • High-end construction and features
    • Light weight material is easy to handle
    • Available in green and blue

    500P™-Lite-Duty-Solid-Vinyl-Kafko-Safety-Cover Green-500P™-Lite-Duty-Solid-Vinyl-Kafko-Safety-Cover

Additional Features

Custom Heavy Duty Hardware

Swimming-Pool-Cover-safety-spring-KafkoHeavy duty stainless steel single-coil springs, with D-Rings for ease of installation and adjustment. They have a lower profile – so covers lay flat and fit tight — whatever the shape of the pool. Standard on all Solid & Mesh covers.

A Cover Is Only As Strong As Its Seams

Swimming-Pool-Cover-interlocking-seams-KafkoAll of our Solid & Mesh safety cover seams are interlocked and double overlapped. This seam is the heart of the safety difference. Place your hands over top of one another - how strong is that? Now hook your fingers together and place someone else's hands above and below your own - this is how our safety cover seams are done.

Coping Anti-Rub Strips

Swimming-Pool-safety-coping-Kafko-coversOur coping anti-rub strip is white, ensuring that no unsightly black marks end up on your coping.

Reduced Deck Mount

Reduced-Deck-Mount-Kafko-safety-coversObstruction in the way of your pool cover? Not for long with our Reduced Deck Mount™ system. New patent pending design ensures easy installation around raised walls, water features, spas and other deck accessories. All Stainless Steel hardware with brass anchors. Don't even have this much space? Don't worry, we can design a cover for any situation.


Invis-A-Drain-Kafko-safety-covers1/4" drain holes are located every 6" in reinforced vinyl down the center of the cover. Beneath is a 12" wide mesh drain filter panel designed for easy cleaning. Standard on Solid Covers.

Double Decker Edge

Pacific-Pools-safety-cover-solid-Double-Decker-EdgeA potential trouble spot for pool covers is the perimeter - where they can fray and unravel. Our Solid & Mesh covers are first hemmed, then sandwiched between double layers of webbing. Edges can't unravel, you get years of trouble-free performance.

Built to Last - Box Stitch

Kafko-box-stitch-on-swimming-pool-coversExcellence shows in the details. Like box tack reinforcement on all perimeter straps. Protective pads positioned at step nosings to prevent abrasion. And added protection on every component including the thread to resist UV rays and pool chemicals.

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