Our History

Kafko_Office_BuildingKafko™ Manufacturing was founded in 1971 by Karl Koolan, Andy Deregt and Frank Phipps. The companies name being derived from the first initial of each of the founders first names: Karl, Andy, Frank, forming KAFKO which is short for the Karl, Andy, Frank Company. Each of these three individuals brought different experience and knowledge to Kafko™ all having all participated in the early development of the swimming pool industry in manufacturing, retail and distribution respectively.

After 5 years, Karl Koolan departed the company. Shortly thereafter, Jan Deregt and Bill Kindness joined as partners and the company expanded outside Canada. In 1979 Kafko™ opened the first of 4 U.S. locations in Atlanta, Georgia. Between 1979 and 2002 Kafko™ expanded to 5 U.S. locations including two that came via acquisition:

  • Total Vinyl ProductsTotal Vinyl Products, Inc.

    Aquired by Kafko in 2000

  • AquaFlexAquaFlex Vinyl Engineering, Inc.

    Aquired by Kafko in 2002

Bill co-held 6 individual Patents for products he developed and that have become part of the Kafko™ legacy of innovation including the following:

  • Super-Skim® Skimmer:

    Design Patented Wide Mouth Skimmer Super-Skim® Patented Wide Mouth Through the Wall Mount Skimmer eliminates any water contact with the steel wall panel.

  • Water-Lock® Technology:

    This exclusive Water-Lock® feature not found on other pools ensures long life and trouble free operation of your pool.

  • Multi-Flex® Polymer Pool Panels:

    The vinyl swimming pool industries allowing for limitless shape and size pools to be designed and built from completely non-corrosive state of the art materials.

  • Snap Lock® Coping:

    The only coping for vinyl liner swimming pools that guarantees the liner will never come out of the coping track: Ever!

Under Bill’s guidance as President, Kafko™ expanded into the growing international market as Kafko™ Europe opened in Lyon, France, in the mid 1990s.

As the company flourished, Kafko™ became a name recognized throughout the world as an industry leader in vinyl liner swimming pool manufacturing and earning the badge we wear with pride today as “The Pool Kit Specialist”, a title that holds significant meaning to our long list of retail dealers!

We are pleased to have led the way in shifting the North American and European vinyl swimming pool market from geometric pool shapes such as rectangles and grecians to the more popular freeform shapes of today like the Kafko™ true radius kidney, oasis, and lagoon shapes, made possible by our proprietary pool design software.

In 2003 Kafko™ became part of Latham International, the world’s largest swimming pool manufacturing company. We are proud that today, Latham considers Kafko™ to be one of its Flagship Brands.

Currently, Kafko™ owns and operates the following Regional Locations:

  • North-East U.S.A. - Albany, New York
  • South-East U.S.A. - Atlanta, Georgia
  • Midwest U.S.A. - Detroit, Michigan
  • Western U.S.A. - Sacramento, California
  • Central Canada - Toronto, Ontario
  • Eastern Canada - Montreal, Quebec
  • Europe & Export - 14200 Hérouville Saint Clair, France

Currently, Kafko™ delivers its products thru distribution partners to the following regions:

  • British Columbia & Alberta, Canada
  • Belgium
  • Columbia
  • France
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emerites
  • United Kingdom

The Kafko™ brand remains a name you can trust and a company just as committed to our Core Values and core competencies as we were during our humble beginnings nearly 40 years ago. Today more than ever we recognize that our single best accomplishment and asset is our retail dealer network. We invite you to join our team and experience the Kafko™ difference. For more information about becoming part of our retail dealer network, please contact us today.

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