Our Core Values

  • Customers

    Good customers are hard to find, harder to keep and provide the best opportunity for long term growth for our industry and business. Our customers allow us to serve their needs; they are not doing us a favor! Customers are not as dependant on us as we are on dependant on them. Dealing with a customer is not an interruption of our work rather the purpose in our work. It is our commitment to our customers that transcends all change!

  • People

    We treat all our associates and customers with respect. People who are talented, trusted, loyal and interested in the continued success of the company are the backbone of our ‘value proposition’ and are recognized accordingly. For performance that is well executed and achieves its objectives our associates will be well rewarded. We will assist all our associates with career path development and strive to provide a positive and safe environment in which our associates can grow and enjoy coming to work. We strive to work with and develop people who are motivated, enthusiastic, results oriented and looking for opportunities to continuously improve our company in its effort to deliver "The Kafko Mission."

  • Quality

    We will design, manufacture and sell products that consistently exceed our customers needs and expectations. We will provide customer service that is commensurate with our product offering. We will continuously improve the quality of the goods and services we deliver to our customers. We will never knowingly allow defective products to leave our facilities. We will live the credo that 'Good Enough Never Is!'

  • Service

    Service is how we deliver our 'value proposition.' This demands that we make no distinction between those who are using our work product, both within and outside our company, to deliver our products or services to the retail dealers, and/or consumers that pay for those products and services. Just as we appreciate the needs of our external customers, so must we endeavor to appreciate the needs of our associates who are next in our business process in a collaborative effort to exceed expectations.

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